Shell Control Box 4.0.7 LTS Yayınlandı

Shell Control Box, Uzak Oturum İzleme ve Yönetim uygulamasının Feature Sürümünün yeni sürümü 4F3 duyuruldu. Shell Control Box, LTS ve Feature olarak iki farklı sürüm olarak geliştiriliyor. LTS (Long Term Support) sürümü daha uzun süre desteklenen, kurumsal kullanıcıların yeni özelliklerden ziyade destek süresine göre tercih ettikleri sürüm iken, Feature sürüm, yeni özelliklerin eklendiği, müşterilerimizin isteklerinin ilk olarak uygulandığı, destek süresinin 6 ay olarak planlandığı sürümdür.

SCB 4.0.7 LTS bir bakım sürümü olarak önemli hata gidermeleri, ve güvenlik yamalarını içeriyor. Profelis olarak tavsiyemiz destek personeliniz aracılığı ile yeni sürüme geçiş yapmanızdır.

Hata NoKısa Açıklama
SCB-6742Indexer can eat up all the resources
SCB-6667ADP: ICA crash
SCB-6613adp_ocr_omnipage: zombie process when the indexer crashes
SCB-6523ADP: fix stream reader
SCB-6521Termcapparser: fix control sequence filtering (data_input filtering)
SCB-6517Index job fails with decryption error, but the keys are available
SCB-6495Redundant HA can lock up heartbeat
SCB-6474Lucenedaemon need to be restarted time to time
SCB-6463Country code list is outdated in the welcome wizard
SCB-6462RDP sessions with TSGW (RDG) counts twice on system-monitor
SCB-6414BAP follow mode is not working
SCB-6386ssh agent forwarding fails if gpg-agent (gnupg 2.1) is used
SCB-6287Socket error on lucenedaemon connection
SCB-6283External Indexer: fix RPM upgrade issue
SCB-6277Windows 10 TH2 client is not supported
SCB-6271When searching for special characters in content search, screenshots are not generated
SCB-6260Pre channel check denies every connection
SCB-6220Credstore state is not synchronized after reboot in HA
SCB-6182Latin1 encoded u-Umlaut character deadlocks SSH proxy
SCB-6156Content policy drop-down disappears in Channel Policy for RDP
SCB-6025Indexing is stuck at X% and spins the CPU ~99%
SCB-5963Turkey delays winter time to 8th of November 04:00
SCB-5946ssh_agent_resync_send_packet crash
SCB-5893Alerts from HA slave are lost
SCB-5822Troubleshooting page freezes if there are too many core files (~4000+)
SCB-5816Recent host list on Basic/System/License tab is always empty
SCB-5815SCB ignores client’s rekeying request
SCB-5782Compression artefacts appear in case of h264
SCB-5766Indexer started to throw corefiles regularly
SCB-5734Leaked channels in RDP proxy
SCB-5591“Send SNMP messages. Messages are longer than 255 char will be truncated.”, but no SNMP-alerts configured
SCB-5510Condensed characters when playing the trail
SCB-5509Can not generate screenshot from ICA connection if H.264 is used
SCB-5077There is some instability when the system monitor show and when not
SCB-5028Possible telnet proxy memory leak
SCB-4974External indexer slowness
SCB-4692replaying ICA zat file is just a black screen
SCB-4580XMLDatabase had been locked before session_start, releasing it
SCB-4486Archived trail can not be downloaded from search popup window
SCB-4386segmentation fault in debug logging
SCB-4084more persistent boot logs
SCB-2594NTP config is suboptimal for the slave
SCB-2587Virtual disk more than 2 TB is useless
SCB-2576Modify syslog-ng.conf in SCB
SCB-2096Restoration fails if too many (more than 10240) trails are in the backup
SCB-2083SCB metadb import fails during restore
SCB-2081scb could not speak with nfs server not speaking nfsv4 – fix exists on SSB
SCB-2024Cannot mount archive store for cleaned up files
SCB-2006handle cases if sphinx dirs are inconsistent or missing