Shell Control Box 4.3.0 duyuruldu

Shell Control Box, Uzak Oturum İzleme ve Yönetim uygulamasının Feature Sürümünün yeni sürümü 4F3 duyuruldu. Shell Control Box, LTS ve Feature olarak iki farklı sürüm olarak geliştiriliyor. LTS (Long Term Support) sürümü daha uzun süre desteklenen, kurumsal kullanıcıların yeni özelliklerden ziyare destek süresine göre tercih ettikleri sürüm iken, Feature sürüm, yeni özelliklerin eklendiği, müşterilerimizin isteklerinin ilk olarak uygulandığı, destek süresinin 6 ay olarak planlandığı sürümdür.

SCB 4 F3 aşağıdaki konularda önemli ilerleme ve geliştirmeler içeriyor:


  • Internet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 10 are deprecated and only supported on a best-effort basis. This decision is in line with the Microsoft support policies. For more information, see, or contact the Balabit Support team.
  • Sending data to IDS/DLP systems is deprecated and has been removed, according to previous deprecation warning
  • Due to popular customer demand, SCB keeps support for GSSAPI-based authentication. This means that in contrast to earlier announcements, this feature is not deprecated, and still available in version 4 F3 and later.
  • You can use SCB from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, with a bring-your-own-license model. For details, see
  • To help integrations, we are introducing the Balabit Marketplace where you will be able to find your SCB plugins. The marketplace can be reached under the My Balabit site.

Feature highlights

The 9-character limit from RDP inband destination selection has been removed. Further enhancements allow you to use SCB more flexibly in such scenarios.

There were many improvements in SCB’s indexing technology, fixing many issues and allowing the indexing of Arabic content. In addition, we have added general language configuration support that allows for better results and performance.

Email sending from SCB has received STARTTLS support. This allows for secure email sending from the box towards operators, management and auditors.

In line with the development of REST-based endpoints, SCB now delivers the first version of its REST based search. Connections can be searched over REST. On the REST endpoints, the previous channel based search results have been changed to connection based results. Besides the REST based search we have expanded the support of configuration endpoints over REST. Since 4.3.0 endpoints like usermapping policies and user lists can be managed programmatically too.

For details, see the following documents: